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 Whether a wedding or corporate function, your invitation sets the tone for your event.

Invitations can be composed of 100% hand calligraphy from any of my personal script styles or a mix of my scripts and printed type.

Various papers and printing techniques such as letterpress and embossing can be used.

Hand addressed envelopes

 Hand addressed envelopes add an extra touch of elegance to your invitations.  Each envelope is hand scripted by me.   Colored inks and unique stamps can be utilized to coordinate with your color scheme and enhance the envelope with a unique flair.

I can also create custom watercolor paintings which can be printed on the envelope seal flap.


Watercolor maps

 I offer custom watercolor maps for any event.  Using iconic landmarks that are either meaningful to the client or are used as way-finding markers to help guest navigate to the event space, a custom map creates a functional piece of artwork.


Custom watercolors

In addition to maps, I offer custom paintings of event spaces, landmarks, pets, monograms, etc. to enhance your invitation suite. 

Custom watercolors can also be printed on a variety of swag for your guest to take home including koozies, napkins, and a variety of print goods.


Customized items

Pretty much anything can be customized with my calligraphy or artwork!  From deer antlers and driftwood to more traditional surfaces such as a chalkboard, I can write on anything.  Give your guest something to talk about with unique place holders, menuboards, etc.


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